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          We come together even when we're apart.

          We take the lead


          A Transformative 教育

          I will leave Hamline more assured of my capabilities, with a willingness to be open to everything life can give me. When we take the lead as Hamline students, this world will become a better place.

          - Devin Rodgers ’20, marketing and sports management major

          Hamline 入场s

          • The Undergraduate Experience

            Real-world experience, built into your education.

            No matter which of our 50 areas of study you choose, you’ll graduate with service learning, hands-on research, or an internship on your résumé. Or all three. Because in today’s world, real-life experiences aren’t merely a perk: they’re a necessity.

             The fact that students can participate in undergraduate research, even as soon as their sophomore year here, was a really big selling point for me.

            - Mari Johnson ’20, physics major

          Hamline 入场s

          • The 毕业 Experience

            Gain 21st-century leadership skills.

            Our graduate programs help students build the expertise they need to succeed—and lead—in education, businesses, nonprofits, the public sector, creative communities, and more. Here, you’ll find high-demand programs that provide the skills employers, schools, and organizations seek.

            (pictured) Abdul Wright ’16 MA-教育, 2016 Minnesota Teacher of the Year

          Hamline 入场s

          Hamline 入场s

          Hamline 入场s

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